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We are a community of professionals united by our passion for sales and marketing. We
support our members through the varying stages of working life by offering a wide
selection of services and benefits.

Why should you become a member?

When you become a member, you join a community of nearly 20 000 professionals in sales and marketing. As a member, you enjoy our benefits and services that have been carefully chosen to serve the professionals of our industries best.

Unemployment fund

Working life can throw unexpected challenges your way. Unemployment fund KOKO is your financial safety net in the unpleasant case of lay-offs or termination of employment. As
a member, you can also join the fund for only 5,25 euros per month.

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If your salary is 5000 € per month, your earnings-related daily allowance as a member of the fund is 2150 € per month.

Legal services

Do you have questions about your employment contract or disagreements with the agency agreement? As a member, you get professional advice on all legal issues you may encounter in your working life. Our team of
employment lawyers knows the field of sales and marketing like no one else and will always gladly help.

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Without our membership, you would pay 250 € for one hour of legal advice.

Courses and events

Develop your professional skills through the free and affordable courses we offer. We want our
members always to have up-to-date skillsets and the latest knowledge in the industry. Events and educational opportunities are among our most
beloved member benefits!

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Without our membership, you would pay around 750 € for three such courses.

Career services and coaching

Is your goal to become a sales superhero or, rather, a marketing magician? We are here for you! Get consultation, coaching, and courses to support your career development. Whether you want to advance your managerial skills or discuss salary, we have the services for you.

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Without membership, you would pay 100 € per session for specialized
career counseling

Insurance benefits

Our membership provides you with
security on many levels: the membership includes an insurance package, and you are entitled to discounts on
additional insurance services.

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As a member, you save up to 170 €
a year in insurance fees.

Holiday apartments

As a member, you can rent holiday apartments all over Finland with
affordable member rates. Even sales and marketing superheroes need
a break from time to time!

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As a member, you save up to 200 € when you rent a holiday apartment with a member rate for a week.

And many more benefits

The list of our member benefits goes on and on! In addition to the already listed services, we offer numerous other benefits for our members, from hotel discounts to online exercise classes.

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As a member, you get up to hundreds of euros worth of other benefits

Join our community!

We are a community of professionals who share a passion for sales and
marketing. Hone your skills on our courses, ask for advice on salary negotiations or help with your employment contract, or rent out one of our holiday
apartments at a discounted rate.

If you are employed, insure your income with the unemployment fund
membership for only 5.25 euros per month!

Become a member

35 €

An employed member’s membership fee per month including the unemployment fund.

Our membership is for you if you are…


If you share our passion for sales and marketing, join us now! As a member, you help us build
sustainable working life as well as enjoy our countless member benefits.

Membership with the unemployment fund

35 €/month (420 €/year)

Without the unemployment fund
29.75 €/month (357 €/year)


As an entrepreneur member, you benefit from
services that help you grow your business and overcome any challenges. Join us now!

Entrepreneur membership

23.66 €/month (284 €/year)

Does not include the unemployment fund

Newly graduated

Psst! Do you want to hear about our graduate deal? If you have graduated within a year, we
offer you our membership for half the price for
two years!

Membership with the unemployment fund

20.15 €/month (241.80 €/year)

Without the unemployment fund 14.90 €/month (178.80 €/year)


Start preparing for working life already before graduation! We provide you with a supportive network, career services, and useful benefits for only nine euros per year. Choose yourself!

Student membership

9 €/year

Does not include the unemployment fund

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Our members know us best

We keep you up to date with the industry news, offer networking possibilities and help you advance your career.
If you don’t believe us, read what our members have to say about us!

“MMA is a good option for anyone working in our industry. I have always received good service that has left me smiling.”

Eeva-Lotta Viinikka

Growth Manager, Tulos Helsinki

“As a sales manager I have to make sure that my skills are constantly up-to-date. MMA’s resources, courses and events keep me at the top of my game.”

Mika Sahikallio

Sales manager, Jokipiin Pellava

“Networking is really important in our
industry. In MMA, I get to connect with other professionals in the field and I always feel like I’m among my own.”

Pia Ryöppy

Account Manager, Hoist Group

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