Insurance benefits

We want to have our members' back and therefore offer an insurance package by Turva insurances. As a member, you are also entitled to discounts from Turva and Kaleva insurances.

Our membership includes Turva insurance package that is a part of your membership until the end of the year when you turn 69. The insurance package covers leisure travel insurance, leisure accident insurance, professional liability insurance, and organizational insurance for duties within the organization or when participating in the organization’s events.

The membership insurance covers all our membership types and is automatically applicable to you from the moment you become a member.

Leisure travel insurance

The travel insurance is valid for a maximum of 45 days from the start of your leisure trip. You can travel abroad from Finland or take a domestic trip that extends at least 50 kilometers from your home, workplace, and leisure home. 

The insurance covers the medical expenses of an illness or accident that occurs during your trip, with no specific upper limit or deductible. Additionally, the insurance compensates you for the costs resulting from the cancellation, interruption, or delay of your trip according to the Turva insurance terms and conditions.

In addition to yourself, children under the age of 20 traveling with you are also insured. Children refer to your own children and grandchildren, your spouse’s children and children living permanently with you in the same household. 

Kindly note that luggage insurance is not included in the travel insurance. 

Leisure accident insurance

Accident insurance reimburses you, without a deductible, for the treatment costs of accidents that occur in your free time all over the world according to the Turva insurance terms and conditions. In addition, the insurance includes compensation for possible permanent damage caused by the accident. 

Kindly note that the insurance does not cover accidents that occur in competitive sports or sports and hobbies that are specifically excluded from the terms and conditions. 

Insurance discounts

As a member, you are also entitled to discounts from other Turva insurances as well as Kaleva insurances.

Turva insurance discounts

Members are entitled to a 10% member discount on ongoing and voluntary insurance policies. These include home, personal, and car insurances.

If you have Turva’s home insurance and at least one of the voluntary insurance policies mentioned above, you are entitled to an additional 10% owner discount. If you only have one insurance policy, you are entitled to the owner discount after two years of being a customer at Turva.

These discounts do not apply to motor insurance or life insurance, however Turva offers our members an affordable life insurance issued by LähiTapiola.

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Kaleva insurance discounts

As a member, you can purchase Kaleva* insurances such as life insurance and accident insurance package for children at a permanently affordable member price. You can get life insurance either just for yourself or as an even more affordable couple insurance for yourself and your spouse.

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*) The insurances are issued by our partner Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö Kaleva, whose customer and
compensation services are handled by If Vahinkovakuutus Oyj.