and benefits

We offer the professionals of sales and marketing services and benefits that help them succeed:
information, security, and well-being.

The combined yearly value of our member benefits is over 1 000 euros, of which our members only pay a fragment. Let’s make a deal, shall we?

Unemployment fund

Working life can throw unexpected
challenges your way. Our unemployment fund KOKO is your financial safety net in the unpleasant case of lay-offs or
termination of employment. As a member, you can choose to join the fund for only 5,25 euros per month.

Legal services

Do you have questions about your
employment contract or disagreements with the agency agreement? As a member, you get professional advice on all legal
issues that you may encounter in your working life. Our team of employment
lawyers knows the field of sales and
marketing like no one else and will always gladly help you.

Career services

Is your goal to become a sales superhero or rather a marketing magician? We are here for you! Get consultation, coaching, and courses to support your career
development. Whether you want to
develop your managerial skills or discuss salary, we have the services for you.

Insurance benefits

Our membership provides you with security on many levels: the membership includes an insurance package and you are entitled to discounts on additional insurance services.

Holiday apartments

As a member, you can rent holiday
apartments all over Finland with affordable member rates. Even sales and marketing superheroes need a break from time
to time!

And many more benefits

The list of our member benefits just goes on and on! In addition to the already listed services, we offer numerous other benefits for our members from hotel discounts to online exercise classes.

Want to join our ranks?

We are a community of professionals united by our passion for sales and marketing. When you become a member, you join a community of nearly 20 000 professionals.

As a member you enjoy all our benefits and services that have been carefully chosen to best serve the professionals of our industries. Join us now!