Career services

Is your goal to become a sales superhero or rather a marketing magician? We are here for you! Get consultation, coaching and courses to support your career development.

Through active career planning and education, you can strengthen your position both in your current job and as a job seeker. This is why we offer services to help you continually improve yourself. As a member, you can use all these benefits immediately.

The below described services are available in English. Feel free to contact us or the service providor directly in case you need any assistance in accessing these services!

Courses and events

Events and courses are one of our most beloved benefits! As our member, you can access dozens of valuable courses each year for free.

Kindly note that the majority of our courses are only available in Finnish and you can see them all here.

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Salary Counselling

We want to help you in negotiating yourself the salary you deserve. Book a personal meeting online or in
person with our experts who know the industry practices and statistics. Contact our member services to book a meeting.

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Career Coaching by Työvalmennus Futuuri

Our career coaches are there for you when you are thinking about the next steps in your career or when you need personal sparring to support, for example, decision-making or goal-setting. The topics covered in the coaching will be agreed upon with you individually. You can ask for help with, for instance, job hunting, career planning, developing in your current position, or managerial work.

The coaching is carried out by our partner Työvalmennus Futuuri, whose trained experts are available via phone, Teams, and email. You can reserve an appointment for coaching in Oma MMA. The duration of the
session depends on the length of your MMA membership:

  • After being a member for one year, you can book a 25-minute free coaching per year
  • After being a member for 10 years, you can book a total of 50 minutes of free coaching per year
  • After being a member for 25 years, you can book a total of 75 minutes of free coaching per year

Note that the length of your membership is calculated based on the year you joined MMA. So, for example, if you joined us in December 2023, you are already entitled to 25-minute coaching from the beginning of 2024.

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CV and cover letter templates by Minjon

As a member, you get CV and cover letter templates designed by our partner recruiting and career services company Minjon. There are two different material packages for you to choose from: a package with access to basic and expert CV and cover letter templates and a package with a basic CV template and a Finnish online course for creating a CV.

The packages are designed by recruiters and have been customized for the professionals of sales and
marketing. As a member, you can download one of the available packages free of charge. To claim the
benefit, follow the instructions in Oma MMA.

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Other useful resources

Are you looking for a new job? Our partner Duunitori is a Finnish job board and a recruiting media where over 8 million job ads are read every month. Looking for a job in English in Finland? Check their Finland Jobs site for open vacancies and useful resources about working and living in Finland.

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We also host a LinkedIn community for all professionals that share our passion for sales and marketing. Join the group to see job postings, discuss about topical things and network!

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Career services in Finnish

In addition to the above mentioned services we offer the following support currently only in Finnish: